Air, Fire, Water

by The Plastic E-Gulls

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A well-deserved--and better-sounding--follow-up to "One More for the Road", the band's sophomoric effort contains ten new songs. Brian and Ellen have their share of time before the microphone on several pieces, but Tina is absent for "personal reasons", leaving Ian to play bass (in addition to guitar) while she's gone.


released August 30, 2015

All songs written by Ian Furelli
Produced by Ian Furelli
Recorded at The Loft, Queens Plaza

Music Supervisor: Slim Guy
The Plastic E-Gulls created by Thomas Fay



all rights reserved


The Plastic E-Gulls New York, New York

A (virtual) East End-based garage band consisting of three childhood friends and a clone, they now live in the heart of Long Island City, a short train ride away from the Big Apple.

Ian Furelli (guitar)
Tina Furelli (bass)
Ellen Blinstone (keyboard)
Brian O'Feeny (drums)

Created by Thomas Fay
©Thomas Fay Syndicate
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Track Name: Virgin Lady
Virgin lady
I'm so hazy
Hazy from that
Rock and roll

Virgin lover
Like no other
Speaking from that
Heart and soul

Where you from, girl?
Jamaica, girl?
Bubble gum I'm
Afraid you blew

Come to my place
A good guy place
Because I'm a
Virgin too
Track Name: We're on This Way
Virgin Lady's drivin me crazy
She says she feels like fire in the hole
Didn't do anything. Just bein' lazy
Guess she doesn't like rock n roll
There goes my replacement for the bass player in the band
Guess I'll have to do the work by hand
Oh man

You can't leave them windows open
Lets the flies and bugs inside
That's why nothing here is in motion
Hope you see me eye to eye
I'm not trying to be crazy, not tryin to be insane
Everything in here runs down the drain

Jimmy crack corn and I don't care
Looked that up on Google Chrome
Knock knock knock anybody else there?
Sorry but they all went home
Where are all my lemons, and where are all my limes?
First song I ever written in cut time!
Oh my!

Got the basics? I don't mind
Never wrote a song like this kind
One more thing I'd like to say is
I'm gonna sing we're on this way.
Track Name: I Wanna Be
I wanna be a big superstar
Living with the groupies eating caviar
Dinner at Sardi's, booze every day
Check is common', I'm gonna pay
I wanna be a big maniac
Makin' fun of flying squirrels and acrobats
Doin' the stand-up, no sitting down
Someone get me out of this town
I don't wanna be a continental
Don't wanna be paying a price
I'd rather be
Just silly old me
Nothing but sugar and spice
And everything nice.

I wanna be an impresario
Introducing boys and girls to rock and roll
Out with the old stuff, in with the new
Find me on MTV2
Why not be a site planner
I could build and buy my own manor
Make the architecture look trippy
(Some sort of counter-melody?)
You bet your sweet bippy
Perhaps a chef for a dinner table
That'd be a sight to see
But I want a light touch
That doesn't cost any much
The one thing I really wanna be
Silly old me.

Once I wanted to be a superhero
But then it came to me that it was such a big deal-o
Take my friend Biff Farley-You remember him?
He got electrocuted-Boy did that sound grim!
So now he's magnetized and uses it on the go
North Pole above and South Pole below
Now he's making me worried of my floppy disks
Loosing that and my life I don't wanna risk!

I wanna be just what I wanna be
Easier than learning all my ABC's
Jump Jimmy Jangle
Jingle Ja Jim
Gimmie the yang and the yin
And maybe I'll win.
Track Name: A Dime and a Quarter
On a street, there's a box round the corner
Waiting for someone to step inside
And it asks for a dime and a quarter
The door is shut and now begins the ride
A vacuum puts a disc on a table
A needle lowers and begins to carve
A light goes on, and noise goes through the cables
The speaker couldn't do anything else but starve

He sang a song he hoped would be two minutes or so
It couldn't be any longer or shorter
The song is done, the needle lifts, the disc comes out below
Not bad for a dime and a quarter

The man he took an interest of that little booth he found
He went back again and again
In no time at all, he had a repertoire of songs
and saw that it was time to tell some friends
Billy said it should be on a label
Danny said he wanted to hear more
A music company sent to him a contract
The starving man prepared for his encore

He sang his songs, that mostly were two minutes or so
They couldn't be any longer or shorter
Concert halls, theaters, television and oh
All thanks to a dime and a quarter

And so our man went through a rags-to-riches story
The million dollars pile on and on
But you can't match his fortune and glory
Cause sad to say, his record booth is gone.
Track Name: Campsite in the Backyard
I wish I was in the wilderness
Raccoons and deers and wildflowers I miss
But it's a long way to the nearest landmass
Might as well use my own grass
Settin' up a

Campsite in the Backyard
It won't be very hard
Nothing but a fence to guard
My campsite in the backyard

Listen as those birdies sing their song
In the comfort of my own lawn
Gophers and mole digging holes underground
Sneakin' by without makin' sound.
Track Name: Happy Hour
Saturday, the bar at night
No more worries, no more fright
Waiting for the moment to arrive
Find the vodka-Where's the wine?
No more ice to chill the spine
All we know it's waiting in the sky

Welcome to my Happy Hour
Blooming like a newborn flower
Everyone it's Happy Hour
See the full moon sift its flour

Time has come, now hear the call
Going near the waterfall
Hear the glass door opening on its spring
I've been to Old Town, and to Moe's
Famous Pete's, and maybe Joe's
but never ever M.J. Dowlings

Now the time has come to close
Everyone listening to the Bose™
Look out at the sky-you can see Mars
Check is coming-Pay the bill
Next time, it will be a thrill
Have a happy hour at your bar
Track Name: Ode
Clint Eastwood
From San Fran USA
With a breakthrough role on CBS
That he was born to play
First feature
With the Creature
From the Black Lagoon
3D from Universal
Served with a cartoon
Pale Rider and Tightrope
Any Which Way You Can
From Outlaw Josey Wales to
Escape from Alcatraz
Jersey Boy, Space Cowboy
Since 1955
The American Sniper in a Pink Cadillac
Okay Clint, Hang 'em High

Was in the C.S.R.P.C.
Thanks to A.S. and G.D.
For two years was Mayor
Of Carmel-by-the-sea
Jed Cooper, Walt Coogan, Robert Kincaid, Luther Whitney
Callahan, Horrigan, Everett, Thunderbolt
Will Munny, Gus Lobel, Frank Corvin, David Garner
Play Misty for Me

A Fistful of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More
The Man with No Name made his way
To the Italian floor
Clint Eastwood
In the good
The bad and the ugly
But I'm surprised I get blank stares when I say
"Do You Feel Lucky?"
Track Name: Looking for Love (Again)
Here we go now
Looking for love again

There's a brick in the water
Don't look at me to fish it out
Gimme a home for the hobo
Do you want him out in the cold?

There's a hole in the bucket
Throw it out and get another one
A mouse he chewed on the wire
Now I can't answer my telephone!

People say there'd be times like these when
All the right locks would have all the wrong keys but
My responce to that prediction
"Oh Please!"
Track Name: Come On Inside
I can't stop looking at your sleepy eyes
Sleepy and tired
Either that or
You're gonna cry
I know a place where you can hide from the pain
Come shine or come rain
Until the very next day

Come on inside
You had your chance to be lonely
The front door is right there open wide
Your eyes are baggy
And your clothes are all worn
I want you to
Come on inside

We have a room for you to stay from the cold
Silver and gold
I must say is
Not really old
Get nice and cozy now and turn off the light
Have a good night
and don't you
let the bugs bite

Tinker tailor soldier spy
If you're nothing, neither I
Freedom fighter, dragonfly
All good to my eye

The sun is rising now at daybreak
Would you like a milkshake
What's that you're telling me? You're leaving at ten?
In that case kiss me good man
Until we meet again

Goodbye for now
We're all so glad you can make it
We'd force you out but we don't know how
We hoped you enjoyed us
and will come back again
but in the meantime
Goodbye for now