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If you get this strange feeling that The Plastic E-Gulls are starting to sound like a rap-rock band, don't worry-it's only temporary. Their third album is produced by street-smart turf-owning rap teacher Tough Guy, brother to music supervisor Slim Guy.

And yes, you've read correctly; Ian and Ellen have married. You can learn about their honeymoon escapades on the next album, "Because I Can: The Wedding Album".


released August 26, 2016

Songs written by Ian Furelli
Raps written by Tough Guy and performed by Ian Furelli
(Tough had opted not to have his lyrics published)
Produced by Tough Guy
Recorded at The Loft, Queens Plaza
(except where noted on individual track pages)

Music Supervisor: Slim Guy
The Plastic E-Gulls created by Thomas Fay



all rights reserved


The Plastic E-Gulls New York, New York

A (virtual) East End-based garage band consisting of three childhood friends and a clone, they now live in the heart of Long Island City, a short train ride away from the Big Apple.

Ian Furelli (guitar)
Tina Furelli (bass)
Ellen Blinstone (keyboard)
Brian O'Feeny (drums)

Created by Thomas Fay
©Thomas Fay Syndicate
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Track Name: Exemplary Husband (Right Away)
Exemplary Husband
Fellow newlywed
Exemplary Husband
Come with me to bed

Here we go now
To the honeymoon
So long New York
But we'll be back soon

Right away I knew
We were meant to be together
Since Elementary School Grade 1
Here we are on the
Road now to Orlando
Disneyworld here we come

Exemplary Husband
Pleasure unto then
Exemplary Husband
Here we go again

Almost midnight
Let's party all night long
Wait till morning
Then we can write a song

Well I'm amazed you can
Remember the good times we have
But then again so do I
Do you remember when we
Were just boyfriend/girlfriend
What was your favorite lullabye


Happy ever after as we
Make our way to our destination
It certainly was a wild ride
Cause it was fun can we do
It again just one more time
And two and three and four and five

And now we're home now
Back to the same old grind
The only difference
That the knot is tied

Exemplary Husband
More than just a friend
Exemplary Husband
With me to the end
Track Name: Jamie/Flying/POW!
Why did it have to be
Why'd you
Stand up on me
Come back soon
Just can't bear to be
Away from you

Flying, Flying
Over the hills we go
See the animals
Down below
In my airplane
Come and fly with me
Over land and
Soaring cross the sea

POW went the great sow that conquered all the earth.
Her skin turned into ceiling wax, she never gave any birth.
POW went the great sow that dried up the land
And all that’s left, the townsfolk saw, was just a grain of sand.

Whatever did I do
I was
So good to you
Don't make me cry
We had twinkles
In our eyes

Flying, Flying
Straight into the sun
Careful Icarus
Come down at once
Wings of wax they
Melted all away
And in the sea the
Son has passed away

POW went the otter that conquered Jupiter
His bones became the moons, and his tongue for spoons to stir.
POW went the otter that was too short to last.
And the weight of his entire body turned all the land to gas.
Track Name: Guitar Pick
Life is short for you and me
If we lived in harmony
It’s definitely not a race
Come on, give it a pace
They’re doing this all because I’m sick
Of being pushed around and getting tricked
I can’t get around this shtick
Not without my guitar pick

Track Name: House of the Rising Sun
There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many a poor boy
And me, I used to be one

My mother was a tailor
She sewed my new blue jeans
My father was a gamblin' man
Down in New Orleans

Now the only thing a gambler needs
Is a suitcase and trunk
And the only time he's satisfied
Is when he's on a drunk

Oh mother, tell your children
Not to do what I have done
Spend your lives in sin and misery
In the House of the Rising Sun

Well, It's one foot on the platform
The other on the subway train
I'm stayin' here in New York City
Away from that ball and chain
Track Name: Ode (remix)
Clint Eastwood
From San Fran USA
Clint Eastwood
He was born to play
Clint Eastwood
Any Which Way You Can
Clint Eastwood
Escape from Alcatraz

da, da, da...

Clint Eastwood
The Bad and the Ugly
Clint Eastwood
Do You Feel Lucky?
Clint Eastwood
Since 1955
Clint Eastwood
Hang him high!

Was in the C.S.R.P.C.
Thanks to A.S. and G.D.
For two years was Mayor
Of Carmel-by-the-sea
Jed Cooper, Walt Coogan, Robert Kincaid, Luther Whitney
Callahan, Horrigan, Everett, Thunderbolt
Will Munny, Gus Lobel, Frank Corvin, David Garner
Play Misty for Me
Track Name: I Want My Sister Back
Wake up Mary
We're going to the zoo
Wake up Mary
Do you wanna come too?
Mary? Mary?

That's great she
Flew the coop without bidding farewell
Now I bet your life must feel like hell.
Did you see this coming? I sure did not.
I hope she comes back, you're all she's got!

How'd you think I feel? She's my sister twin!
She used to help me out when I'm stuck in.
You should've known her more before you start to feel down, but she
Went to a different school elsewhere in town.

I bet it's my fault, cause you joined my band.
Now she's got nothing to do cause you stole her upper hand.
The papers go to see her 'stead of you by mistake.
They tried her patience and for it she made a break.

Well I think you're right, cause as soon we got rated,
Mary got famous just because we're related.
I bet she's happy that she went hi-ho,
But if she's hearing this song, I just want her to know...

I want my sister back

She is jealous of my fame
So she got up and ran away
To try and get some fame and fortune
In her very own way.

Now Mary if you're hearing this I just wanna say,
We're sorry we made you feel so astray.
You can join the band if it makes you happy.
But if you really want fame from something else, make it snappy.

Come on, Mary give us all a shout.
Tell us what your problem is so we can sort out.
Come back to the queen in the Blinstone honeycomb
Come back Mary, Mary come home!

Mary can you hear me?
Hello! Is anyone out there?
Track Name: Renaissance Man (remix)
Renaissance Renaissance Renaissance Man
Renaissance Renaissance Renaissance Man
Renaissance Renaissance Renaissance Man
Before he couldn't, but now he can!

What makes a whirlpool? Nobody knows.
Perhaps there's a fan in the sea that blows,
Backwards and sucks the water in,
And creates a big funnel that pulls us in,
To the world of water, fish, and more,
But there's no fan to see, and therefore,
Get close to a whirlpool and there she blows.
What makes a whirlpool? Nobody knows.

--I Don't Believe You--
I don't invest in dream catchers or believe in Ouija boards
Don't care about superstitions or evil overloards
It's all just get rich quick bull**** by guys who just want dough
And if you force this stuff on me, my answer will still be no.

You told me when I crack my knuckles, they're bad for my fingerjoints
But everyone else is doing it, so I ask you "What's the point?"
You tell me something's right when the others say it's wrong
Why can't we work out our differences and just get along?