One More for the Road

by The Plastic E-Gulls

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TPEG's debut LP is a compilation of the band's first two EPs, originally released before and after the introduction of Tina, respectively. Also included are four bonus outtakes taken from the original session tapes. These songs make up the soundtrack for the (currently WIP) rockumentry of the same name. Mono version available separately.


released August 28, 2014

All songs written by Ian Furelli
Produced by Ian Furelli
Recorded at A.Y. Studios
(except where noted on individual track pages)

Music Supervisor: Chic Enroll
The Plastic E-Gulls created by Thomas Fay



all rights reserved


The Plastic E-Gulls New York, New York

A (virtual) East End-based garage band consisting of three childhood friends and a clone, they now live in the heart of Long Island City, a short train ride away from the Big Apple.

Ian Furelli (guitar)
Tina Furelli (bass)
Ellen Blinstone (keyboard)
Brian O'Feeny (drums)

Created by Thomas Fay
©Thomas Fay Syndicate
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Track Name: Renaissance Man
I got a friend who lives downaways

I always see him after school nowadays
Last year, I used to see him kick a can/
I guess you can call him a Renaissance Man

Renaissance Man, Renaissance Man
Before he couldn't, but now he can!

His favorite books are the ones on Zen
Somethin' tells me he's been born again
Learnin' to read, learnin' to spell
Bound for Heaven instead of Hell

Now I'm not jealous, I'm just amazed
He changed his image in under 'hundred days
Able to get the first girl he can see
Satisfaction guarantee.
Track Name: Ballad of the Pirates
It was a dark and stormy night
Everyone was fast asleep
Nobody was making any noises, not even a peep
Suddenly a pirate ship showed
A maid screamed and was taken away
A small boy was caught and tied up because he was astray

Then the ship sailed on
It reached somewhere else anon
Where a boy called Preston was forced to tag along
Cabin boys, they had become
The storm rolled like a huge drum
But cleaning the floors was like cleaning linoleum

This was all but fun
End of Part 1

The sea began to swish
The ship began to swash
And everyone on board was in the galley having hash

While the pirates were playing with tape
Preston tried to get away
But the captain of the pirates caught him and said “Get back and stay!”

Oh, what could they do?
The captain said “I’ve something for you”
It wasn’t a happy thing, and I’m sorry, but it’s true
Then what happened next?
The prisoners had to clean the deck
Then the captain said “Land Ho”, and the ship landed at a ranch

The captives didn’t dismay
Luckily, the escape was made
But they weren’t done yet, for the pirates decided to invade

Preston said “I have a plan
A plan that no one would condone
Let’s try to lure the pirates out of the landmass so we can go home.”

The others accepted their task
They climbed up and onto the back
They fired cannons endlessly, and the pirates were gone because of that.

And so the ranch was saved...
Preston gained some fame...
I do not wish to offend
But this is The End.
Track Name: Together, Me and You
Now baby I know
You're the apple of my eye
We've been here for so long
Don't wanna say goodbye
Your fadda say I no good
Don't you say that it's true
I never got the chance
To make love to you

Don't let your old folks move you out of town
If you do you'll be makin' me so lonely
Before I start keep on keepin' on
Give me one good reason why your parents hate me
I never thought you would let them do this
There's a lot of stuff that we have yet to do
If I have only one last dream
We could stay together me and you

I'm not an anti-semite or a Commie
I like your daddy and your mommy
But how come they don't like me back
It's a mystery to me
Do they think I'm a hack?
Track Name: Born Under a Bad Sign
I was born under a bad sign-Nothing good happens to me
Two elevators running instead of three

It almost always rains wherever I go
In winter just one glance would melt the snow

They pull away the football when I run
In baseball they say I take out all the fun

So as you can see, I'm the unluckiest boy in town
Only true love's first kiss can help me down
Track Name: Where's My Protege (Jam)
Where's my protege
Is she here
Is she there
She can't be everywhere
Track Name: Quick Rock
Quick rock sounds quicker when you've played a quick rock right beforehand
It may sound slower when the song before was slow-you dig man?
It's like when you used a nickel when you thought you used a dime
I recommend you listen to one song at a time

Quick rock sounds tone-deaf when you sing it at the bar
You're so intoxicated you can't get that far
Don't let this escalate keep the bees in the hive
So heed this warning friends please don't drink and drive

There's no hurry
There's no pain
Quick rock sounds slower
Only in your brain
We don't care 'bout the tempo
We say it 'cause it's true
You don't need quick rock to say "I love you".
Track Name: One More for the Road
My bags are all packed up and so are my mom and dad's
Plane leaves tomorrow and I have to go really bad
Maybe I've been hanging around-hanging with you a lot
I am sore afraid that we might be torn apart
You know we hate to see each other go
But darling I have a plan-you wanna know?

Gimme one more for the road
And I speak from my heart and soul when I say
Give it to me now so I won't
Worry bout it anymore
Getting ready to leave this town but darlin'
Soon I'll be homeward bound
But for now I need
One more for the road

Hi darling-How have you been?-I was thinking 'bout you all the time
Feeling very miserable about leaving you behind
I want you to know that when I get home you will find me dressed in black
I had to attend a funeral and there was no turning back
I'm happy that you haven't changed a way
Let's celebrate like we did the other day!
Track Name: Untitled track
In the beginning
The universe was created
But some people thought it was here before then
I wish we could live forever
Go back in time for proof
But alas everyone’s born to die

When I was a little boy
I used to crawl and loll around
Do anything to get X’s and O’s
Now I’m much older
But I yearn to be younger
I’m singing for my freedom and do as I please

I was so happy when
I got sent to writers’ camp
I wrote so many songs there
And came back with a writers’ cramp

They’ll always come back for more
Remember make peace and not war
For those who relax and do
This next bit is just for you

Here come musicians of the
British Invasion The
Beatles the Zombies the
Rolling Stones
Do you remember when
Our country fought back with
Beach boys and
And Byrds and the Clash?

Here come the flower children
They look so cute and cuddly
With their bell bottoms and
Tie-dyed shirts
Tossing their flowers to
Everyone they run into
But this ain’t ‘bout flowers
It's about love.
Track Name: When Everything is Said and Done
There is always an end to a movie
There are always credits to roll
Some time you get 'to be continued's
Other times you need to pay their toll
Of course nothing lasts forever
People age and people die
We hope you enjoy yourself while you can
But for now we gotta fly

I wanna thank all you good people
For calling us number one
Goodbye for now-We'll be back again
When everything is said and done
Time to go now-We hope you had fun

It's closing time at Ray's Pizza
Which one I don't really know
What matters zat you can't be there 24-7
You have to pay your check and go
Lend us your ear for just one moment
We are not that much a celeb'
If you want to know when we're coming back
You can look us on the web

That's all she wrote, we better move on.