The Best of TPEG​-​Chapter 1: The Beginning

by The Plastic E-Gulls

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What an extraordinary three albums it has been. Who would've thought that me, Ellen, Brian and Tina would make it this far together as one of The Record Company's finest acts? And to think we started out as just another garage band out of the East End. Look at us now: We have enough money to live in a loft that looks out onto the 7 train! I believe I speak for the others when I say that starting this band in the first place was the greatest thing that has happened to us.

Anyway, to celebrate a fascinating start, I got together with our historian and spokesperson Thomas Fay, and we compiled this retrospective of our first three albums and a non-album single.

-Ian Furelli


released January 30, 2016

Compilation produced by Ian Furelli and Thomas Fay

The Plastic E-Gulls created by Thomas Fay
In memory of David Bowie (1947-2016)



all rights reserved


The Plastic E-Gulls New York, New York

A (virtual) East End-based garage band consisting of three childhood friends and a clone, they now live in the heart of Long Island City, a short train ride away from the Big Apple.

Ian Furelli (guitar)
Tina Furelli (bass)
Ellen Blinstone (keyboard)
Brian O'Feeny (drums)

Created by Thomas Fay
©Thomas Fay Syndicate
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Track Name: Lemmie Addam (Early version)
Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in Boooklyn, New York City.
He had a little motorcycle that always made him look so cool and gritty.
His parents really bothered him. They keep on keeping' on-and-on-and-ono.
So he packed up all his things, got on his bike, and speeded up the Verrazano.

(and the people say)
Chorus 1
"Hey, who's that kid who just got off the Verrazano Bridge?"
'said "My name is Lemmie Addam" and I'm leaving behind my folks in Bay Ridge."

He's got a wallet full of cash and paid the fare upon the Staten Island.
Then he's finally on the road, leaving' all the city lights behind him.
He made a change of tires, refilled the gas, and set out for New Jersey Turnpike.
This journey'll be the longest one-The longest since his very first camping hike!
Meanwhile, back at home, the old folks were scurrying up and down the block.
They're wondering' where their son went, but they could only find his missing sock.
So they ran to a nearby phone, and desperately, they tried to call the cops.
The boss said "Sorry, no beats today. We're busy sucking' down on lollipops!"

(and on the Turnpike)
Chorus 1 (2x)

A couple of days has passed, and now he crossed the border into Ohio.
He came upon a service stop, and went out shown down on a chicken gyro.
And back in Brooklyn, Lemmie's parents tried again at 3:08.
But their minds went blank when the police asked 'em for his license plate.
But they did not give up-They set out for the local fortune teller.
She said "If you paid attention to him, he would not end up like Mary Eller."
(Mary was a little gal who ran away for a reason similar to Lemmie.
She grew up to be a singer, slappin' her cheeks just like 'ol Cousin Emmy.)
So now the parents started mopin' bout what they did to their son,
While Lemmie's on the road again, thinkin' that his life's all said and done.
Big city. Gigantic lake. This could probably mean he's in Chicago.
The radio on his bike started playing campy songs in mono.
And here's the 13th verse. I wonder what I should put in here next.
Maybe he gets desperate and eats out of a bowl of dry Rice Chex.
I'll go for this one. It's where Lemmie goes to have lunch at a diner.
The waitress gets all curious and she starts to ask a question which he answers.

(she asks him)
Chorus 2
"Hey, aren't you that kid? The one who was on the Verrazano Bridge?"
"That's right. I'm Lemmie Addam, and I'm leaving behind my folks in Bay Ridge."
(and the people say)
Chorus 1

The waitress said "You're not the only one who's in a mess like this.
Remember Mary Eller? Don't you be like her. Now how about a kiss?"
Lemmie had been touched by what she said when he got back upon his bike.
He u-turned on a driveway as he watched out for a kid upon his trike.
Now Lemmie's back on the road, and comes across a phone at his first service stop.
He says out loud he's common' back, and knows that now he needs his mom and pop.
And so the news broke out through Lemmie's parents who just hung up the phone.
They said "We got a treat for you: The word is out that Lemmie's common' home!"

(and the people say)
Chorus 3
"Hey, do you mean that kid who motored up the Verrazano Bridge?"
"That's right-It's Lemmie Addam, and he's coming back to our home in Bay Ridge!"
(on the road again)
Chorus 4
"Hey, who's that kid who's heading' for the Verrazano Bridge?"
'said "My name is Lemmie Addam, and I'm coming back to my folks in Bay Ridge!"

They see him on Staten Island: A pleasant view from on his father's chopper.
Lemmie knew what he was doing, cause at this point he didn't need a copper.
And so our story ends with good advice from fortune hunter Lyle.
He says "Whatever you do in like, don't let Mary Eller be your idol."

(one more time)
Chorus 4 (2x)
Track Name: Death of a Rock Star
I read the news today
That Ziggy passed away

See the tears upon our eyes
When we received the big surprise

Lazarus he was no more
He silently wandered out the door

All night we played his songs till the dawn
And then the word spread that he was gone

I'd never thought we'd live to see the day
That cancer took this beloved rock star away

Do you think we can still survive
Now that Major Tom has died